Wide Area Networks

Wide Area Networks

Proficiency Level 1
Basic Understanding

Describes the basic concepts and features of Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Explains the effects and benefits of using WANS.

Identifies the basic types of connection and terminology used in WANs.

Outlines available services and operational requirements for installed WANs.

Proficiency Level 2
Working Experience

Conducts routine maintenance on hardware and software components of WANs.

Employs appropriate connections specific to WANs.

Ensures the efficiency of communication in WANs by regularly examining transmission facilities.

Diagnoses End Systems and connection problems between WANs and LANs.

Participates in user acceptance testing activities for multiple WAN branches.

Proficiency Level 3
Extensive Experience

Monitors the operation of WAN devices (e.g. WAN switches, access servers and ISDN terminal adapters).

Designs WAN infrastructure according to business requirements.

Directs the cooperation of Network Service Providers to solve transmission problems.

Generates optimization solutions for existing Wide Area Networks.

Develops procedures used to implement revised WAN infrastructure.

Compares WAN routing algorithm approaches with other industry professionals.

Proficiency Level 4
Subject Matter Expert

Leads discussions and answers complex questions about mathematical models related to WANs.

Promotes cloud computing within WAN implementation.

Elaborates on network protocols for the legal use of WANs.

Contributes to the establishment and use of best practices in WANs.

Provides insight into the research and development of multi-WAN fields.

Monitors technological trends and network developments for WANs.

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