Telecom Regulatory Environment

Telecom Regulatory Environment

Proficiency Level 1
Basic Understanding

Describes basic aspects of the current regulatory environment.

Explains the nature and purpose of agencies and legislation that affect telecommunications.

Describes major regulatory issues and considerations.

Discusses locally relevant reporting while examining associated requirements.

Proficiency Level 2
Working Experience

Reviews administrative processes and makes sure they are in compliance with local telecom regulations.

Communicates with regulatory agencies to explain reporting requirements.

Assists in telecommunications day-to-day operations.

Follows all relevant local compliance and authorization processes.

Responds to all routine requests for information from regulatory agencies.

Proficiency Level 3
Extensive Experience

Teaches staff about regulatory environments of multiple geographic regions or countries.

Delivers compliance and authorization requirements for engineering and implementation.

Resolves any network design, implementation or operational issues.

Orders, collects and reviews regulatory documentation (i.e. The National Environmental Protection Act).

Demonstrates and shares experience from the implementation of domestic and international systems.

Proficiency Level 4
Subject Matter Expert

Establishes a positive telecommunication regulatory environment.

Predicts industry trends and marketplace experiences for any impact on own organization.

Leads license negotiations and regulatory proceedings.

Leads the planning process on all documents and regulatory requirements.

Designs consolidated strategies, plans, and goals for regulatory requirements.

Establishes strong interfaces with regulatory contacts to assure success on regulatory requirements.

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