Software Installation and Support

Software Installation and Support

Proficiency Level 1
Basic Understanding

Describes major activities performed by software support staff.

Describes the current and planned releases or versions of local software components.

Explains the roles and responsibilities of software vendors and clients.

Identifies key steps and practices in software installation and maintenance.

Proficiency Level 2
Working Experience

Participates in installing or upgrading specific software systems.

Explains the impact of planned changes, contingencies, and back-up and recovery steps.

Explains the uses of diagnostic tools and techniques; resolves common software problems.

Interacts with appropriate personnel to coordinate support efforts.

Participates in planning, testing and implementing changes to the local software environment.

Proficiency Level 3
Extensive Experience

Provides insight into software installation and support for multiple vendors and products.

Analyzes, assesses and communicates software implementation options according to various IT environments.

Designs and executes plans for major software installations.

Uses and monitors software distribution channels, techniques and auto- discovery tools.

Details the features, functions and expected benefits of planned platform changes.

Communicates the reasons for and advantages of planned upgrades and implementations of software.

Proficiency Level 4
Subject Matter Expert

Conducts training on software implementation in a large, distributed environment.

Teaches others about various multi-vendor environments; explains key considerations and issues.

Consults on planning, design, implementation and support of software platforms.

Establishes guidelines and practices for software support, distribution and installation.

Communicates with clients, vendors and management on the benefits and risks of platform changes.

Monitors an organization’s experience with vendor software performance and support.

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