Rapid Application Development (RAD) Model – Pros and Cons

08. November 2016 Study Guides 0
Rapid Application Development (RAD) Model – Pros and Cons


• Changing requirements can be accommodated.
• Progress can be measured.
• Iteration time can be short with use of powerful RAD tools.
• Productivity with fewer people in short time.
• Reduced development time.
• Increases reusability of components.
• Quick initial reviews occur.
• Encourages customer feedback.
• Integration from very beginning solves a lot of integration issues.


• Dependency on technically strong team members for identifying business requirements.
• Only system that can be modularized can be built using RAD.
• Requires highly skilled developers/designers.
• High dependency on modeling skills.
• Inapplicable to cheaper projects as cost of modeling and automated
code generation is very high.
• Management complexity is more.
• Suitable for systems that are component based and scalable.
• Requires user involvement throughout the life cycle.
• Suitable for project requiring shorter development times.

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