Ericsson UMTS RNC Exception Code 142 CSiuSigSucc

19. April 2016 Ericsson 0

Ericsson Exception Code 142


The RNC CSiuSigSucc degradation related to the Exception Code EC-142 is a non-service impacting situation and it is not necessary to restart the cell or sector which is having the single UE trying to register in the network. The condition is isolated to one UE only.

Intrusive action should not be taken to resolve an non-service impacting condition. There is no reason to restart a sector (or worse entire site) to clear this condition during a high traffic period. The majority of the time this condition will self-clear. Many times the issue self-clears by the time a technician picks up a related RNC KPI issue.

If it doesn’t self-clear within a reasonable period of time, the associated sector can be restarted during low traffic period or during maintenance window, but often, that is not really necessary.

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