ENGL112 Week 7 Position Paper Lecture Notes

18. April 2016 School 0

Position Paper

Final Drafts


This week, you will peer review and continue work on your position essays. There are differences between rough drafts and final drafts of essays. It is important to know how to proceed from one to end successfully with the other. A very important concept is to keep an open mind when reading your professor’s and your peers’ comments; they are here to help you.

Developing the Essay

Your teacher’s comments and the peer review process should help you realize which areas work well in your paper and which areas need improvement or development. Use the resources that you are given. Your teacher and your classmates can be of assistance if you accept and welcome their comments with an open mind. Peer reviewing is all about working together and helping each other to write the most effective essays possible.

Keep in mind, however, that your name goes on the essay; therefore, final decisions about content are ultimately yours. Use the comments that are helpful to you, but do not feel that you must use all the advice given by your peers.

At this point, you should be very familiar with your topic and your sources. Now is the time to challenge yourself by integrating at least two sources into a rough draft. Remember that each paragraph must support and develop the thesis in some manner.

This is a challenge you are able to meet. Use the questions and comments offered by your teacher and classmates, because these can help guide you down a path you may not yet have explored. Readers bring a different point of view and a different perspective to each piece of writing that they read. Their comments can be invaluable to both beginning and seasoned writers.

At this point in the process, you may feel ready to be done with writing about your topic. You are not alone, and you are almost there. Perfecting your final draft to the best of your ability is how you can prove to yourself and your teacher that you have been doing the assigned readings, are willing to work hard, and have learned the different skills taught this semester. Instead of a final exam, you have a final draft. This is your chance to shine and to show your teacher and yourself your writing capabilities.


The following checklist should help you stay on target and ensure that you have all the necessary components for your final draft.
• APA cover page
• introduction and thesis
• fully developed conclusion
• 5 pages in length
• a basic 12-point font typeset
• APA references page


Your essay is due during Week 8. Use the resources and help available this week fully so that you might create the best final draft possible. Some essays will need more work than others will. When you feel comfortable with the work you have done, and once you have included all the aspects required, take a moment to breathe deeply and feel proud of yourself. Writing a solid college-level paper is work; it involves a multitude of skills, and should not be taken lightly. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

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