ENGL112 Week 4 Some Ideas About Academic Papers

18. April 2016 School 0

Some Ideas About Academic Papers

Create, Revise, Edit, and Proofreading.

1) Some ideas to CREATE an Academic Paper:

1a) Ask myself why I am writing this paper, What is expected from me, Who is my audience, When it needs to be presented and Where and How it will be read.
1b) Define the Subject or Main Point of my paper.
1c) Write in free style the ideas related to the subject and what I am planning to cover.
1d) Do an outline with the main points or topics.
1e) Expand more into every topics based on my own experience, what I have observed or what I have researched.

2) Some ideas to REVISE an Academic Paper:

2a) See if purpose of the paper is clear in it.
2b) Look for phrases which clearly state the main topics and ideas.
2c) Taking in consideration the communication style of the writer assess the paper as a whole.
2d) Looks for connective sentences that keep the reading flowing easily.
2e) See if introduction and conclusion can tie the paper and close the subject effectively.

3) Some ideas to EDIT an Academic Paper:

3a) Question the ideas or sentences to find other ways to say the same things more effectively.
3b) Research more accurate words as synonyms,etc.
3c) Look for redundancies and other unnecessary words.

4) Some ideas to PROOFREADING an Academic Paper:

4a) Take some time after writing the paper to read it again.
4b) Ask somebody else to read it and provide you feedback.
4c) Assess how the reading flows through the paper, how it sounds.
4d) Check if punctuation is correct and help with a correct reading of the ideas and sentences.
4e) Check misspelled words, capital letters missing or unnecessary and grammar errors.

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