Customer Support Operations

Customer Support Operations

Proficiency Level 1
Basic Understanding

Describes major service offerings and responsibilities of customer support staff.

Identifies major activities performed by operations support staff.

Explains planned changes and their impact on the operations environment.

Compiles a list of characteristics of a well-run call center.

Proficiency Level 2
Working Experience

Participates in the day-to-day operations of a call center.

Documents routine work flow, resource requirements, dependencies and criticalities.

Measures daily and weekly volumes and associated operational requirements.

Assesses issues and resource requirements for responding to demand.

Interprets standard reports such as call trends, assignment and tracking reports.

Proficiency Level 3
Extensive Experience

Operates and manages one or more call centers.

Analyzes measurements of support activities, trend analysis and process effectiveness.

Manages hardware and software transitions with minimal disruption.

Evaluates tools and techniques for anticipating demand and assuring capacity.

Teaches others about operations routing and back-up capabilities.

Proficiency Level 4
Subject Matter Expert

Consults others on operating multi-regional, 24-hour call center facilities.

Designs and plans the operation and integration of multiple call centers.

Creates a monitoring system for changing business and customer needs; provides operational response.

Designs customer service and quality management strategies.

Leads in implementing and measuring improvement initiatives.

Predicts industry trends and marketplace developments with call centers and call center operations.

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