COLL148 Welcome Notes

17. April 2016 School 0

Learning to become a critical thinker involves a personal transformation on your part, and it will enhance the quality of your life. This course, with the help of your classmates and your text, will prepare you with the personal and critical thinking skills needed for your academic endeavors and your professional and personal lives.

We will use the textbook, Internet sources, assignments, and case studies to practice applying critical thinking skills to contemporary issues and day-to-day life experiences. You will also learn strategies that will promote your success as a college student. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement as you take assessments and consider what you have learned from the assessments, the textbook, and class discussions. You will also use the critical thinking skills you will be learning about to make effective decisions regarding finances, your academic future, and how to work with others.

I hope that you enjoy this course. Our lives seem hectic and fast paced at times, but this course offers us the opportunity to slow down, to be thoughtful and reflective, and to build and then draw on the internal power that comes from self-knowledge and self-discipline. You will find that this approach to life builds a solid foundation that will assist you in your personal and professional development.

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