COLL148 Bloom’s Taxonomy

17. April 2016 School 0

Bloom’s Taxonomy

College is all about change, and this course is designed to help you adapt to the new learning environment, new challenges, and even the new way of attending college in an Internet environment. As a way to support your adaptations, this course emphasizes the very important skills of critical thinking and problem-solving. By learning ways to look at and solve problems and issues systematically, you will gain a framework for managing just about any issue with which you are confronted.

You will begin this week by looking into what essential qualities are necessary for success at college and in your career. You will then begin working on developing these qualities by completing the assignments for the week.  For those of you who may think you already have all the skills addressed in this class, look closely at the different applications for each skill; challenge yourself to think about how it applies to your specific needs as a student. Go beyond what you’ve learned in the textbook and what you are asked to do for the assignments. Reflect deeply on what has worked well for you in your career or your life and at the areas in which you would like to be more efficient. Focus on understanding and using the deeper levels of thinking as presented in Bloom’s taxonomy and on applying those to your responses on all assignments, discussion posts, and so on.

Blooms Taxonomy

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