CCNA: Chapter 3-11 Lab #1

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CCNA: Chapter 3-11 Lab #1

Your employer has installed two new Cisco routers in the network. Figure 3-5 shows the network layout. Your task is to configure the routers such that HostA can telnet into them to configure it further. Ensure correct hostnames and IP addresses are assigned. All passwords should be set to mypass123. When configuration is complete, save the configuration and back it up to the TFTP server running on HostA.

Figure 3-5 Network Diagram for CCNA Lab #1

ccna lab


  1. Connect to the console port of RouterA and when prompted enter no to exit out of setup mode. Press Enter to go to the User exec mode.
  2. Enter the privileged exec mode using the command enable and then configure the hostname and enable secret as shown below:

  1. Configure the IP address on the interface as shown below:
  1. Configure a password and enable login on line vty as shown below:
  1. Save the config and then copy it to the TFTP server as shown below:
  1. Repeat steps 1-5 on RouterB. The configuration steps are given below:

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