Ericsson UMTS RNC Exception Code 142 CSiuSigSucc

19. April 2016 Ericsson 0
Ericsson Exception Code 142 CSiuSigSucc The RNC CSiuSigSucc degradation related to the Exception Code EC-142 is a non-service impacting situation and it is not necessary to restart the cell or sector which is having the single UE trying to register in the network. The condition is isolated to one UE only. Intrusive action should not ...

Ericsson AXE RP Fault

16. April 2016 Ericsson 0
RP Fault The Ericsson AXE “RP Fault” alarm is the kind that needs to be checked as fast as possible. Here are some commands to check what happened. <allip:alcat=apz; <exrpp:rp={rp number}; <exemp:rp={rp number},em=all; <dirrp:rp={rp number}; <dpwsp; <plldp;

Ericsson LTE eNodeB License Key File Fault

16. April 2016 Ericsson 0
License Key File Fault This is the type of alarm that can cause complete service impact. eNodeB> alt eNodeB> lga 2d eNodeB> license server eNodeB> readclock eNodeB> ntpconfig info eNodeB> cvls eNodeB> invrxbl eNodeB> inv nss eNodeB> acc Licensing=1 setEmergencyState