Agile Application Development Model – Pros and Cons

08. November 2016 Study Guides 0
Agile Application Development Model – Pros and Cons


• Is a very realistic approach to software development.
• Promotes teamwork and cross training.
• Functionality can be developed rapidly and demonstrated.
• Resource requirements are minimum.
• Suitable for fixed or changing requirements.
• Delivers early partial working solutions.
• Good model for environments that change steadily.
• Minimal rules, documentation easily employed.
• Enables concurrent development and delivery within an overall planned context.
• Little or no planning required.
• Easy to manage.
• Gives flexibility to developers.


• Not suitable for handling complex dependencies.
• More risk of sustainability, maintainability and extensibility.
• An overall plan, an agile leader and agile PM practice is a must
without which it will not work.
• Strict delivery management dictates the scope, functionality to be
delivered, and adjustments to meet the deadlines.
• Depends heavily on customer interaction, so if customer is not clear, team can be driven in the wrong direction..
• There is very high individual dependency, since there is minimum documentation generated.
• Transfer of technology to new team members may be quite challenging
due to lack of documentation.

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